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Sharing at Chinese University

We are invited to present how to appreciate wine at the Chinese University again. There are about 40 students attended and the seminar has been highly rated from their feedback.

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Supporting the Open University students on their Doing Business project

Participating teams from different Universities and Colleges will run their own business as the competition. There are two kinds of business that they can choose. One is electronic products and another is wine.
The Open University team has chosen wine and seek Unique Wine's sponsorship. Noel has no hesitation but to support them unconditionally. The team students came to our cellar to meet Noel and Sally discussing further on the details. We are impressed by the students' passion.

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Presentation at the Chinese University

Noel Lo, the founder of Unique Wine, was invited to conduct a wine workshop at the Chinese University. Noel is pleased to share his knowledge and experience to the youth. He wants to inspire the youth to dig our their own interest and encourages them to do what they love as their future career.

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Wine tasting party for the Open University

In February 2014, Noel conducted a wine tasting party for the tutors and students from the Open University. Beside the beautiful wines, Noel also shared the knowledge of French wine and the skill of how to appreciate wine with them. Students were all excited to the wine world which was so new to them.

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